Welcome to F-YourMixtape Part Two

So I made this website back in 2016, it was a lot of work but I wanted a place where I could go and locate, listen or download any mixtape on cassette that I wanted to at any give time. I also wanted to highlight the people that spent tons of money collecting mixapes as well as the people that also spent countless hours ripping these tapes into mp3s and posting them online for anyone to hear. It was also a way to preserve some history of the mixtape game.

Regardless of all that, I let the website go a couple years later because I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the mixtape game and well, I hated it at the time.

Fast forward to 2023 and I find out Grime & Lime is STILL posting mixtapes on his site and it inspired me to bring this website back and try to highlight the tapes and aspects of the mixtape game that I loved.

If you posted tapes for download in the past but your links or blog are now dead and I have those files, I’m posting them. I’ll certainly give you your credit tho and maybe that inspires you to come back, who knows. But those tapes have to be heard. Thanks for reading all this and again, welcome to F-YourMixtape.com part two (electric boogaloo).

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