DJ Green Lantern Interview

Originally posted on – 4/25/06

This interview was done while DJ Green Lantern was working on a track with Tru Life at AV8 Studio. Present at the time was the Dimez from, Team Invasion and DJ Rondevu. Oh yeah, and a Dutch full of that “bubble gum”.

Dimez: What led to 50 saying it was time for you to leave Shady?

Green Lantern: Shit, him seeing the videotape of me asking, “where’s the knockout blow!” What you think led to it. He saw it and got tight as anybody would.

Dimez: Before it was said that you didn’t really do anything to deserve being exiled from the label.

Green Lantern: I didn’t say that. I ain’t say that at all. That’s other people saying, “that was really nothing what he said.” I wasn’t trying to be malicious when I said it, but I didn’t fault him at all. I would have done the same shit. What you need to understand is that there was no maliciousness behind it. You know how they say, don’t judge a book by it’s cover? When you look at the DVD, either that person can be malicious about it, like wanting someone to tear his head off, or the person as a rap fan is analyzing music. There were lines that got crossed, because Jadakiss is an active participant in that beef. In my mind, I’m not wishing harm on anybody. I don’t feel like somebody did me crazy. It was a crazy situation. I really don’t care though, because they can take it how they want, because I’m gone! It really doesn’t matter either way. Even if they think it was malicious intent. Really it was me just telling Jada, that he could do better than that.

Dimez: Do you feel like 50 tried to put the word in with the label to…

Green Lantern: Not no blackballing type shit. Hell no!

Dimez: The word was that he spoke to Jimmy and Jimmy passed the word that it was time for you to motivate.

Green Lantern: If Jimmy spoke to anybody…if that had happened…I wouldn’t be on a label underneath the Universal Music Group. Which is the same umbrella that Interscope is underneath. If he had spoken to anybody, it would have been someone above him…so that I would have had to go to the Warner system. That ain’t happen, so that’s proof that…you know what I mean? People say that, because there hasn’t been a presence. There’s been an absence. So that’s an obvious assumption, but the reason was that I went on vacation. It was an extended hiatus.

Dimez: Wait, before we start moving on to other shit, let’s get into the hiatus. Dudes is like damn, 50 put it on you and you just had to disappear. Where did you go? What happened to you? What was you doing in the mean time, since Shady removed you from the roster? Why weren’t you able to put shit out after that?

Green Lantern: First and foremost I knew about two weeks after that incident, lawyer wise, that I was about to get wrapped up in some paperwork bullshit for about 6 to 8 months. It was contention points. Points as far as leaving one label and going to another. My lawyer told me I was about to get wrapped up and asked me what I wanted to do? You could put mixtapes out and risk the stakes of you leaving to go somewhere else raising, because your still hot. Or you can lay low and cool off, so that one party doesn’t come back and say we want more for you to be able to leave.

Dimez: Shady wanted points on the album that you had for them?

Green Lantern: They wanted future points for shit that I was gone do later! I’m not saying nothing that’s not an industry practice. When you own a hot commodity, you’re going to want compensation if they leave. In the meantime, when they going back and forth for the 6 to 8 months, you got to lay low, so you’re not a hot commodity.

Dimez: Basically, you didn’t want to raise the stakes while they were negotiating.

Green Lantern: Exactly. You want it to look like they crushed you. Your gone. Truth be told, they couldn’t have me around no way, because the other dude don’t like me, so it’s all good regardless. It’s really nothing b.

Dimez: Let’s talk about your new situation. Is that something you had, or was that something you had to work on acquiring after your dismissal?

Green Lantern: Son, I had that the week after. I’ll say 7 days, because between the Russell thing, there was Jay Z.

Dimez: That’s where I heard you were headed. I heard you were moving to the ROC.

Green Lantern: We didn’t work it out, but we had agreed that we was gone do it. Then one of my peoples called and told me Russell got a new label. He’s jumping back in the game and he had a joint venture with Def Jam. He has a small boutique underneath them. At first I didn’t know, because I’m like, this is Jay Z, but then I didn’t want to go there because Clue is already there and I wouldn’t want someone walking into my house. You know what I’m saying? I would have wanted to only be on Def Jam, not the ROC. Big Jay (manager) told me that we already have a good relationship with Jay Z. We done beats for him and a commercial, plus dude is a fan of my work. Then there was Russell, who I don’t really have a relationship with saying, “come over here!” It came down to Jay or Russell and I went with Russell and now we have this burgeoning relationship. I also maintain my relationship with Jay, because I’m still in the building.

I was cool with Jay anyway, because I had walked Tru Life into the office. I was the one who gave him the CD. I was working with Tru Life. That shit started with me doing drops for his tape. I did the drops for him. He was having me and Kay Slay host the tape. This was last year when he came to me with this shit. I did those drops when I was still on Shady Records. We just stayed in touch and I actually started working on the tape with him musically. Then he told me he had a bidding war coming from the labels. He had no street presence at all. He just had one record. He didn’t have 80 mixtape appearances like most people do. SRC and Sony was throwing the house at him and we started talking a lot about the shit. So I’m asking him where he want to go and he just told me, “put me on the phone with that boy Hov.” I knew Jay was looking for someone who could bring NY back and I really felt like Tru Life was one of those dudes who could do it on a national level.

My decision as far as what label I was going to sign with came down to, what that person can offer you outside the recording process? You know, because I can make the album myself. That’s not disrespecting anybody, I’m speaking facts. I know Russell gone be able to make them calls if I ask him to. You know…I’m talking about those Alicia Keys calls, those Usher calls. I don’t know her, but I met her once and I don’t know Usher, but I know Busta Rhymes though. I want somebody to take me above the glass ceiling. Russell is the blueprint for the businessman in Hip Hop. You can count the people that he’s made millionaires. Lyor Cohen, Kevin Liles, Jay Z, Dame Dash, Irv Gotti, and comedians and shit. This is a dude who catapulted careers for years and Jay Z is the president, so there was no question about it. This is where I want to be!

Dimez: Where does Team Invasion fit in?

Green Lantern: That’s my peoples that hold me down on some street distribution. My man Noodles (Ooch) is one of the heads and he ain’t a DJ. He’s actually a rapper. Over there is my man Gutta Black and he’s a rapper as well. I get so much exclusive music and they do the stores for me, but I only come out every now and then. I get music, plus they got the relationships that I got with the artist, because they on some street shit. I figured, let me make a brand and my peoples can eat in the street, but it’s not like their multitalented, creative DJ’s. I’m the head of that department. That’s all that is.

Dimez: Now that we talking about DJs, let’s get into DJ Juice putting your face on blast and shit in his DVD. I don’t want to say dude said you stole his style, but he eluded to the fact that you adopted it.

Green Lantern: In Hip Hop, people add things to the game. You give it to the game. Ron G gave the game Hip Hop, R&B blends. Even though Juice wasn’t the first to do it, let that be known. DJ Juice gave the cutting, scratching, phrases in an intro style to the game. As you very well know, Green Lantern is not the only one doing phrases in an intro. Ron G ain’t the only guy doing blends, but he was definitely a pioneer in that. It’s really about what you take from the table, expand on and then add to. First off, I mastered it and took it far beyond anything he had ever done. After I did that, I really left it alone. “The Champ Is Here” had no cutting intro and it was a classic. “Rap Phenomenon” didn’t either. Pardon me, Pt. 2, because I wasn’t a part of the first one. It’s not about the intro. It’s about the fact that this guy is a part of a legendary bunch of people and he didn’t make it national. When people from that era blew up nationally; Tony Touch, Kid Capri, S&S is living on some party shit, Craig G is killing radio in Connecticut, he didn’t do shit!

Dimez: You saying dude is salty, so he attacking you?

Green Lantern: Listen, Don’t cry if the game pass you by. What style would I bite of his? That boring blends Pt. 80 shit he got going on, using the same shit, every fucking tape. At the end of the day it’s influence. If you didn’t influence anybody, you’re nothing. Even though I have influenced many dudes, I stood on that stage after winning “Mixtape DJ of the Year”, mind you I was the first creative DJ to ever win that. I look over and to my right I see DJ Juice. I didn’t call him up there, but as soon as I saw him, I said “oh shit, this is it!” “Shout out to DJ Juice, the inspiration for intro’s.” Listen, dude is the inspiration. That’s how I worded that. I’m not denying that, but my dude, don’t ever say I stole your style! If my style was your style, I would be broke like you! I would be no where like you. I would be saying paper or plastic like you or fries and rings like you! That’s not greasy talk, that’s the truth. It’s up to you to take your career where it need to go. He from South Jersey. I’m from Rock Chester, NY, 6 hours away. He next door and still didn’t go to NY and grind! It’s sad and pathetic that a legend would come out and tarnish his career as a video hater. This is what you should do for the rest of your career, because it’s the only thing your half way decent at. Anybody that knows the game knows that it has moved way past fucking blends. If you can’t compete with exclusive DJs doing creative shit, you ain’t going nowhere b. The game is ruled by new shit! Kings in the game are dudes that give people new songs. Kay Slay, Big Mike, Clue, you get the point. The creative DJ is not working with new verses, because that’s really what it is. You got to take your shit to the next level. Like Green Lantern, or insert your favorite creative DJ there. I don’t even want to diss the man with greasy talk, but for whatever reason, he didn’t grind like he should of and it didn’t pop off for him on the national level. Now he seeing dudes that he thought learned from him, surpass him. This can be a lesson for a few other DJs out there. It’s about how you make moves in your career. No one owes you anything dog! Go get it!

Green Lantern: If I seen that tape, I would do ten intros about him. I’m not giving him the light of day. That’s what he wants. He wants to dance, he wants to go back and forth. He wants me to put his name in Australian kids mouths. It’s not happening dog. I might see you somewhere, but I’m not giving you to the world like that. It’s not happening.

Dimez: What can we expect from you and your new label (Russell Simmons Music Group)? What do you have coming out?

Green Lantern: I got a nice little mixtape on the way. I won’t reveal the name, because I don’t like doing that anymore. Because people start to take the name and do the prequel of it.

Dimez: Tell me about the new artist your working with?

Green Lantern: On the new artist tip? I’m working with Tru Life right now. Not to be on some blow my own horn shit, but I did walk the dude into his deal with Jay Z. At this moment right now, he’s in the other room dropping a verse for my new tape. Anyway, I got Tru Life and my artist that I’m grooming right now. He’s a street dude, so he’s going to stay in the street. .38 Special is from Rock Chester. I got a couple other cats on some up and coming shit.

(Narration) At this point, the “bubble gum” is working on the room and the questions and answers start coming just a little bit slower!

Dimez: Are you still doing clubs and tour dates? Tell us what the fuck is going on Green!

Green Lantern: Part of the vacation I took was a bunch of tours. I did a Japanese tour, Australian tour, European tour. Ain’t nobody “Ether” me. I sat down for some paperwork. I’m a DJ in the game, I’m not a rapper. Let’s get one thing clear. A DJ has a different dynamic in how they serve the people than a rapper. A rapper goes away for a minute and they can’t come back. I give music to the people. They hear me, but they hear music from their favorite rapper through me. You can’t “Ether” me quickly. There’s a process that your going to have to go through.

(Narration) DJ Rondevu is coughing up a storm and the shit is becoming infectious, because now Green and Ooch from Team Invasion are about to toss a lung. Your boy Dope Man had to pass on that last round, because my tongue is sticking to the roof of my mouth like somebody set a fucking trap!

Green Lantern: This ain’t directed to nobody, but a DJ not being on a certain label, if he has his own shit popping, that shouldn’t affect him. He better be really ass out, for that shit to affect him. Of course it affects your plans, but you have your own career. You got to really not have your own shit for that to fuck with you. Anyway, the paperwork is done and the vacation is over people.

Dimez: When can we expect the album?

Green Lantern: I’m gone keep it all the way 100 with you. No time soon!

Dimez: You didn’t keep none of the material for the album you completed on Shady?

Green Lantern: I actually only wanted to keep two. I’m a perfectionist to a fault. A bunch of that music was made and I started to be like eh. I can make better. I’m making better music now. Not to be on my own dick, but the shit I made two years ago, I’m listening to it like, hold up. I could have done a whole bunch of this shit better. The new music I’m making now, I’m more excited about. I took two songs and said that other shit, you can keep that, because when you leave, you gotta pay for everything you take with you.

Dimez: So there was only two that they allowed you to walk out with?

Green Lantern: They didn’t allow me to do nothing homie. I paid for that! That’s all that is.

Dimez: I’m looking at it like if an artist belong to Shady, regardless of whether you want to pay or not, their not allowing you to leave with that.

Green Lantern: On that particular label? If they have a personal situation with me, obviously, I’m not going to take that music, because I don’t rock with you no more. I’m not even asking for that music. I’m trying to buy this other shit. My album had everybody in the industry on it. The Busta’s, The Ghostface’s and the people I was fucking with.

Dimez: So the radio show is still popping off?

Green Lantern: Of course!

Dimez: Fam, Rapmullet is world wide! We get emails from fucking Ireland. They don’t know about your radio show. Tell them about that shit!

Green Lantern: I got a weekly spot on the #1 urban station in the world, Hot 97. That’s no easy feat or task to keep. You gotta be hot or an incredible asset. I ain’t get that because of no label situation. I had that from before, because I’m fucking Green Lantern! Not to be on some bragging shit, but I been around the world, before that! Regardless listen, I’m good! I’m not on Sirius, but I’m working some other satellite shit out wink, wink. Put two and two together. I’m syndicated in 30 cities across the country. I got a syndicated radio show, called “Mixtape Radio”. It’s kind of commercial, so I can be in those 30 cities, but nonetheless, the shit is there. They only wanted some Friday night 8 o’clock type shit, so you’re going to play “Laffy Taffy”. I still throw the Green mixes in there. I like for people to think I’m down and out. I want you to think I’m out, for real B. No pun intended, but I want to use you for your energy.

Dimez: Who are you feeling right now on the artist tip? Who do you want to work with?

Green Lantern: I go blank with this kind of shit every time. I never worked with Nas and I would love to work with him. I worked with everyone else. It would have to be him. Oh yeah, 2Pac and Biggie. I’m looking forward to working with Beans again.

Dimez: People never answer this question, but who aren’t you feeling right now? It doesn’t make a difference if it’s a DJ or emcee.

Green Lantern: People never answer this question, because you making a public statement as a public person about somebody else. And you saying a negative thing about them. it’s like saying “fuck them”.

Dimez: It’s not saying fuck them, but personally there has to be somebody you don’t like. There’s a lot of cats that I’m not really feeling. Who the fuck is Green Lantern not feeling? Let’s be real. Their are some cats that when Green is driving around, they fucking CD is not touching the deck!

Green Lantern: You talking about somebody I’m not gone listen to. Hold on, I got a good one. I’m a go ahead and say my wife plays Musiq Soulchild to death. I like that first song, but not that shit she be listening to! I’m not gone shit on nobody though. I’m about the future, ya dig?

I’m scoring these next two movies that Russell got me doing right now. Let me run down some shit. I’m glad my man Ooch is with me, because he’s going to remind me of all the shit I forgot. Let me start with the beats. There’s the beats, the album, the relationships and the TV show. Let’s start with the rock group Korn. Their new single “Twisted Transistor”, they contracted me to do the remix. Fall Out Boy just sold 1.5 million. Their on some TRL shit. I’m doing a remix with them and Santana is on that. This is just beats right here. Busta Rhymes 3rd single featuring Rick James on the Busta album. It’s called “Ghetto Life”. When that leaks, it’s going to be a serious situation. The song on “Biggie Duets” with R Kelly and Charlie Wilson from the Gap Band. I’m surprised that hasn’t leaked, because the whole Biggie album is out. They did mad songs though. They cut it from a double album to a single album. A lot of the shit of that leaked ain’t even on the album. Three songs on the new Ice Cube album. All of a sudden Cube likes my shit. A song on Nore shit.

Okay, lets talk about Russell Simmons Music Group. Shout out to Russ and Jay Z. Part of being with a camp or under someone or whatever you want to call it, is the extra ciricular shit that goes on. Russell happens to be a guy that Hollywood goes to be an associate producer to their films. White Hollywood in the hills, they don’t know nothing about Hip Hop, no disrespect. They go to get Russell Simmons. He plugs in the people that he fucks with that are cool. You see the movie with Nick Cannon and Christine Millian, you’ll see nuff Phat Farm in that. The movie is just an example of what I’m saying. Now Green fucks with Russell, so when I walk into his office, he asks me what I want to do for the next 5 years? I tells him I’m a producer at heart, I want to score movies. That’s like graduation out of making beats. Rza scores movies and so does Swizz. That’s some new sexy shit right there. I said that and two days later, I see him and he tells me he just had the meeting with Paramount, he wishes I was there, because I’m scoring two movies that their filming right now. I said, “Russ I don’t know how to score, I just said I want to do it.” He was like, I’ll put you with somebody that does it for a living.

I never disappeared. I was selling beats the whole time and I was in these clubs. I just wasn’t making mixtapes, but I’m like Dirty Harry. We put out a mixtape every fucking 8 years. You want Dirty Harry to put out more shit.

Ooch: Team Invasion is selling Green Lantern every fucking day!

Green Lantern: The situation makes it looks as if, oh my God dude disappeared. I would think the same way. Anybody that knows Green Lantern knows that shit is crazy. I’m right here! That bullshit is not gone happen to me! I could not have a record deal right now. I wouldn’t give a fuck. I’m not gone make no money on that album. You paying the rappers. I’m gone eat, because I’m making 90% of the beats. I’m not making no real money on that album. But it’s a symbol of prestige. Same with the radio. All that shit leads to touring.

Dimez: Do mixtapes make money?

Green Lantern: Mixtape money is gone and I hate it, because I move a whole lot more now. Mixtape money was good, when I made money, when I was coming up. It was nice. I feel like I’m not snitching when I say this. It was nice when the whole sale rate was up there, but bootlegging and the internet have swept over everything. It’s crazy to be a new DJ starting out. You better be promoting something! You better have some sponsors! It better be promotional use only! This is for everybody. “DJ’S DON’T MAKE MONEY OFF MIXTAPES!!!” That’s for everyone claiming they moving mad units. The cats who make the little bit of money are the Africans! If there’s any money right now, it might be in the DVD aisle. “Don’t cry when the game pass you by.”

Ooch: Please remember this whole session was sponsored by Juicy Fruit.

Green Lantern: Support, UrbanExclusive,com, and “don’t cry when the game pass you by” or when your paperwork is fucked up! Read your contracts. That ain’t for nobody in particular though (the whole room laughs). Keeping it all the way 100, by me saying that, I want to say that I would never want to say anything against Styles or Sheek. Going back to that shit, they kept it 100 with me. They told me they wasn’t rocking with that move. That’s they man though and they ride for him, but they let him know they wasn’t rocking with that move! I understand that, that’s why you’ll catch Sheek and Styles on some Green Lantern shit. I ain’t got no problem with them. I still speak to Supa Mario. Everybody felt fucked up about it. That’s not to say that his peoples not fucking with him like that. Na, I’m saying that I fucks with them, but I don’t fuck with dude. On a certain level, I understand why he did it, but if it was me, I would have weighed it out differently and not thrown away the relationship to score points. He threw away “The Champ Is Here” for the next album. The set up actually beat the album as far as quality. Some of these rappers need to take note of that. The mixtapes are better than the albums. These record labels should give me $150,000 to executive produce or musically direct their artist albums. I’ve proven that I make better mixtapes than the actual albums. I’m talking to all record label execs.

Team Invasion: You read it on Rapmullet first. The weed is gone and the session is over!