DJ E-Kim – Illegal Game 2

This was originally posted in the Pushin’ Tapes section of Rapmullet on 3/14/09. See Tapemasta’s words below and the original download links.

Now I get to make fun of the current mixtape djs world with this tape..First off, it was done like 12 years ago & I can still rock it at a party today..I won’t front today’s mixtape djs are weak & their cds speak for it. The man was known for rocking r & b mixtapes, that moved for years ( ol school r & b was one of the most bootlegged cd worldwide )..Alot of you youngsters today couldn’t compete & I know for a fact that you rocked one of ekim’s mixtapes & studied the man’s format..So I figure on how to rock the internet by doing a 2 for 1 for the masses worldwide , since I know I’m the only person that could do this without a moment hesitation. Also I know that this tape isn’t on the take this gift & also rock with R & B V3 ( 96 )also..check for the blends on the r & b tape & jump at party cuts on Illegal Game V2…Shout out to DJ Soul !!!